Kerja Kosong Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)

Jawatan Kerja Kosong Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) logo februari 2016
Applications are invited to qualified Malaysian citizens to fill the following position: -

1. Insurance Specialist
2. Senior Exec / Executive, Merchant Support (Loyalty Management)


"Bank Simpanan Nasional represents a new way in our efforts to instill thrift so that the people will be encouraged to save their money. It will maintain the high standards of the Post Office Savings Bank and at the same time bring several changes in keeping with present time.I hope that with the launching of Bank Simpanan Nasional today, it will develop as a major saving institution and will expand the savings campaign of the government an anti-inflationary move and quicken the pace of national development.

Therefore Bank Simpanan Nasional has an important role in the lives of the people and National Development."

DUE DATE:- 06 Februari 2016

* Senarai Penuh Jawatan Kosong Yang Telah Dikemaskini (KLIK SINI)

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